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jonathan kaye
"Passionate, Award-Winning Chef "
Job Title: Executive Chef
Company/School: Heritage breads
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Expertise: Farm to Table Cuisine, Sushi
About jonathan
I am an Australian executive chef whose passion for culinary arts is apparent wherever I go. Working in the business for the past 20 years, I’ve worked at establishments like the W.A Frost , St Paul Minnesota.The Equinox hotel and Resort, Manchester VT, and Union Square Cafe in New York. I hold an associate’s degree in applied science from Le Cordon Bleu where I later became an instructor. I taught courses such as:Introduction to Culinary Arts, Butchery and Cuisine Across Cultures, for over 12

years. I also currently teach at Cooks of Crocus Hill, a business that
offers state-of-the-art culinary classes, where I’m most known for my
award winning sushi class. One of my main goals is to instill skills in
students that will help them prosper in the real-life settings.

In my own time, I run the business I started in 2001, JK Private Events. I provide my clients with private cooking lessons and tailor my classes
to their specific needs while giving them information on everything from
recipe and menu development, to farm to table food sourcing.
Endeavoring to go beyond the restaurant business and promote healthy
eating, I offer my services as a private chef for working families.

I believe in a zero-waste lifestyle when it comes to food and promote
GMO free ingredients. In my own cooking, I love to use organic and fresh seasonal ingredients. I have the ability to taste a dish and know
exactly what it’s lacking. My love of exploring new cuisines and
cultures continuously allows me to take my cooking ability to the next
level. Passionate and uncompromising, I ensure authenticity in the

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private cooking classes
Jan 2012 - On Going
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Work Type: Independent-Contractor
Work Phone: 7633704282