Brand Power
Vishwanath Dasma
"NY - New York"
Job Title: Senior Loan Officer Small Business
Company/School: Business Center for New Americans (BCNA)
Location: New York, New York, United States
Expertise: Sales/Retail/Business Development
About Vishwanath

Highly experienced at organizing, analyzing, and maintaining large credit portfolio while strengthening customer relationships and promoting team oriented environment, and with a successful record of negotiating favorable settlements, reducing bad debt write-off, and reconciling long-standing account difficulties. A recognized thought leader in the advancement and development of risk assessment and loan recommendations that promote the growth of the enterprise as a whole. Excellent interpersonal, communication and relationship-building skills.  Listens attentively, communicates persuasively and follows through diligently.  Appreciated by clients and colleagues for the dedication to his clients, his sense of humor, and humility.

Business Banking
Apr 2015
•Small Business Lending
•Business Plan & Cash Flow
•Credit Check & Personal Budget
•Small Business Loan Underwriting
•Business UCC Filing
•Complaint Handling & Resolution
•Court Filling and Debt Collection 
•New Business Acquisition 
•Excellent Communication Skills
•Customer Service Oriented
•MS-Word Proficient