Brand Power
Vinayak Gaikwad
Job Title: Business Development Executive
Company/School: Social Annex, Inc.
Location: Pune Area, India
Expertise: Marketing
About Vinayak
Life: I am learning to professionally contribute "learning and spreading Wisdom" Globally. My learning The self is maintaining a balance in and out of Doing & Being. We take all senses, people, problems and situations, as positive opportunities and share our Light ranging from sparks to a trillion hyper novas luminosity with them. However we often ask ourselves, how open are we really? Do we really learn from all our experiences? Thinking in 3d, we realize that our experiences are only meant for us; to learn from them and relate those learning’s to all happenings in life. This process makes us realize that our understanding is what is needed in every situation for us to awaken ourselves to Light. We devote and sacrifice ourselves in life’s present cause for potentially fruitful future effect and only then we learn the Truth of Life. We are young and dynamic so we test ourselves. We test the ‘taste of self’ without any influence of pre & post, views & opinions of self & others as every person/point/situation/case has more than (360*3.14 pie)cube number of views & opinions. We live and enjoy our lives as per our choices and we choose Light. We think, dream, aspire and apply actions influenced with/out emotions to create an experience reality. We dream with/out emotions to create programmed reality. We limit our senses and actions, release our emotions and direct ourselves to concentrate on our breath and practice meditation to enter actual reality. We are a happy life evolving on this planet; we livolve from energy to Light.