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Umesh Nand
"I always look for challenges in testing!"
Job Title: Software Test Engineer
Company/School: QuantumQ Technologies
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Expertise: manual testing and performance testing
About Umesh

Software testing professional having 2 years of experience in the area Software Testing and Quality Assurance with solid knowledge in manual software testing and extensive experience in software development and testing methodologies.

QuantumQ Technologies
Dec 2013 - On Going
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Job Title: Software Test Engineer
Software Test Engineer
Dec 2013 - On Going
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Governance, Risk and Compliance (SOX & SOD), iP.A.C.E., Paccar Performance Testing, QQ-PayPack
LMS, Payrolla and Financial Services domain
Indegen lifesystems pvt ltd, paccar inc
Manual tesing, VB Script, SQL, Unix and Shell Scripting, MS VSTS Ultimate 2012, QTP 10..0, QC 9.5, Rally, Agile, Team Players
B. Tech
Guru Ghasidas Central University
Aug 2006 - Aug 2011
Work Skills
Manual tesing
VB Script
Unix and Shell Scripting
MS VSTS Ultimate 2012
QTP 10..0
QC 9.5
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Soft Skills
Team Players
Apr 2015 - Oct 2015
It is used for creating and maintaining the employee details and pay slips for the employees. The flow of maintaining employee’s personal and pay records starts from the communication with him at the time of offering a job from considering candidate’s salary expectation. After that HR will discuss regarding the same with auditing team and decides over the pay based on their mutual conclusion. The same will be conveyed to the candidate. Once the candidate accepts the offer with the salary negotiation, his record will be maintained in the company. By the end of every month, Auditing team calculates the deduction details & generates the pay slip for the employees. QQ - Pay Pack is distributed endeavor that strives to ease this flow.
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QuantumQ Technologies
Paccar Performance Testing
Jul 2014 - Oct 2014
REI AutoInc app is a web based application. In this application, user will create a new REI with the valid chassis number. This newly created REI will have a REI work group number to access and perform various transactions. After all the necessary transactions when user submits it for approval, it goes for REI incorporation. There are various incorporation status like Done, Rdone, Err and New etc. The final status is Done.
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QuantumQ Technologies
May 2014 - Sep 2014
It is observed that there is a serious need to improve knowledge retention. This App tries to address the knowledge retention problem using spaced learning method. Spaced learning is a method of embedding information in our long-term memory through repetition. When we hear, see or do something once, it can be stored in our short-term memory. If we hear, see, or do it repeatedly, it can enter our long-term memory.
Knowledge alone is necessary but not sufficient to create behavior. This app will be designed to increase the retention and minimize the effects of guessing. This App will help users to clarify the difference between what they think they know, and what they actually know. This will be done using confidence based evaluation. Users will be able to access the app using any device.
Two interfaces: Interface for users and Interface for Admin 
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QuantumQ Technologies
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LMS, Payrolla and Financial Services domain
Dec 2015
Have tested web applications developed using .net, java and php on windows plate form.