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Srikanth Gorthy
"Passionate Data Science Enthusiast"
Job Title: Senior Analyst
Company/School: BITS Pilani
Location: Chennai,
Expertise: Data Science
About Srikanth
A passionate individual about Data Sciences and Applied Mathematics and a zealous professional to bring these to Businesses for improving their landscape. Proficient in R, SQL, AWS products, Python, VBA, Julia, Gephi and MS Office. Leveraged mathematical, statistical and machine learning skills to deliver strategic solutions for helping improve business KPIs for Finance, Credit, Telecom, FMCG and Marketing industries. A constant hunger for knowledge and their application pathways are one of the primary assets. Traveled overseas two times for the exceptional management of client and delivery.
Youth of India
Apr 2015 - On Going
Job Title: Volunteer
Work Type: Volunteer
Apr 2015 - On Going
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Oct 2014 - On Going
Job Title: Senior Analyst
Work Type: Full-Time
Senior Analyst
Oct 2014 - On Going
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Dec 2012 - Sep 2014
Job Title: Analyst
Work Type: Full-Time
Dec 2012 - Sep 2014
Worked in multiple projects for a variety of businesses, such as a foreign Credit Bureau, a US Credit Card Network, a foreign Central Bank, a multinat
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Financial Markets
Apr 2015 - On Going
Mutual Funds
Apr 2015 - On Going
Currency Derivatives
Apr 2015 - On Going
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Work Skills
Mathematical Modeling
Numerical Analysis
Data Mining
Design of Experiments
Risk Analytics
Statistical Modeling
Predictive Modeling
Credit Scoring
Fuzzy Logic
Perceptual Mapping
Natural Language Processing
Predictive Analytics
Business Analytics
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Fraud Prediction Analytics for a Credit Card Company
Apr 2015 - On Going
Used AWS and machine learning techniques to build an ensemble of predictive models for estimating the probability of a credit card transaction being a fraud. Utilized big data of around 2 billion transactions with a very rare event rate for the exercise by segmentation and feature selection.

. Wrote an automated code for the whole process of model building starting from data pulling to metrics evaluation, inclusive of Sample Creation, Data Cleaning, Feature Selection and Dimension Reduction, Model Selection.
. Scaled up multiple processes and created a flow on high scale to match the size of the data along side optimizing the cost spent
. Worked in a highly time constrained environment managing the deadlines

Tools: R, Python, EC2, RedShift, S3
Techniques: GLM, CART, ANN, PCA, IV, WOE, GBM, RF, Firth Regression, Penalized Pregression
Credit Scoring for a Credit Bureau
Apr 2015 - On Going
Built predictive model for prediction of Probability of Default followed by calculation of Credit Score.
Considered multiple loans types across multiple banks for 5 years under the Central bureau and used a logistic regression.

Tools: R, SQL, Python
Techniques: GLM, CART, PCA, IV, WOE, GBM, RF
Brand Perception Analyses
Apr 2015 - On Going
Created brand perception charts on various themes for multiple FMCG brands. Used chatter from Social Media, blogs and forums to understand the market and delivered valuable insights.

Tools: Python, Tableau, R, Radian Six
Techniques: Correspondence Analysis
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Encore Award
Apr 2015
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