Shaik Mohammed
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Shaik Mohammed Irfan
"I Rock !"
Job Title: Fresher
Company/School: Synergy School of Business
Location: Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Expertise: Marketing/Product
About Shaik Mohammed
Am a Professional with 2 years of experience in Nutrition, Banking and Pharmaceutical Industry. Currently employed with Nestle S.A.R as Nutrition Officer. My career path has been determined by my passion for Marketing, Business Development and Business communications. I apply my acquired skills for the growth of the company. Marketing & Business Development: • Scanning for new clients either by direct approach, networking or outdoor approaches. • Communicating about the Products and Services with prospective clients & building relationships with new too. Specialties: • Excellent Corporate communication skills (written & verbal) listening and presentation skills. • Focusing on Business Development, Online Marketing and implementation processes.