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Brand Power
S S Prasad
"I Rock!"
Job Title: CEO
Location: Bengaluru Area, India
Expertise: Innovative ideas design & development
About S S
GRID INDIA offers world class tools and technologies for design, development, system integration, and verification to its customers globally. Armed with years of domain knowledge and technology expertise, GRID INDIA delivers high quality design solutions and services, which are tailored to suit the needs of customers at different stages on the life cycle. From fundamental engineering interactions, development and to sales engagements, GRID INDIA works to combine the resources, ideas, and creative thinking of innovative companies, Projects keeping its products and solutions on the leading edge of performance and value. Since 2000, in the field of Educational packages for Electronics, Communication, Instrumentation and IT field as pioneer, we are looking ahead to give best Quality Product and Technical support. At GRID INDIA we first focus on quality and process, because we know this is where real gains can be achieved. Technical solutions alone do not bring long term improvement. Quality is a top priority for us and we take pride in our solutions. We realise that your business depend on our solutions. Often customers turn to us for commitment to quality that we do. Our solutions are built to fit with your proces. Our Services are re-engineered to suit a better way of working. Either way, the process and the solution must work together.