Brand Power
Monique van der Knaap
"Founder of Northern Light Virtual Services"
Job Title: IT-Officer/medewerker CA
Company/School: E.ON Benelux
Location: Rotterdam Area, Netherlands
Expertise: N
About Monique
About NLVS Computing has dominated the way we work and do business. Although NLVS uses the latest technologies to get the best results, the human touch will have the final say. This combination makes NLVS different and unique. The NLVS team is a core group of professionals with a sharp focus supported by freelancers with specific expertise. Together they are continuously navigating the everchanging digital world. Bottom line NLVS can help you to move your business to new heights of success. Our Vision Centralized power is disappearing due to the introduction of new technologies. Virtual organizations are now a reality through the cloud and use of mobile devices. Knowledge is easily accessible via the cloud and social media, whereas hierarchy has become less important. Right now a major shift is taking place within organizations and real power is no longer with top management, but with the socalled SME (Subject Matter Experts). Knowing where to find the right information and how to use it has never been more important. Working effectively with big data and getting the information you need is essential. One needs to focus on the big picture, but also on the details for decision making. Through NLVS you will have access to the latest technologies and improve or maintain your focus.