Brand Power
Kyle Wells
"Challenge the Status Quo, Disrupt!"
Job Title: Senior Director, Field Systems and Mobility
Company/School: AT&T/DIRECTV
Location: Denver,
Expertise: Problem Solving, Implementation, Change Management
About Kyle

Kyle is intellectually sharp, capable and agile. He is proactive and easily initiates change when and where it’s needed. He feels most rewarded by opportunities to solve problems, and he is committed to continuous improvement through technology and automation. For example, he identified efficiencies to be gained by introducing technicians to handheld devices. Because of the time savings the devices offer, the techs can spend more time with their customers, educating them and improving the overall customer experience. Kyle began his DIRECTV career in 2000, and he has been enthusiastic about driving the company forward ever since. As a leader, Kyle is the picture of calmness. He models that trait to help others see that any issue can be dealt with by breaking it down to the smallest component. His mantra is “transparency, trust, respect,” and his employees respond to his style by successfully challenging the status quo and innovating new solutions that make work easier. “I want to simplify it so it’s easier to understand.” 

Oct 2010 - On Going
Job Title: Senior Director, Field Systems and Mobility
Senior Director, Field Systems and Mobility
Oct 2010 - On Going