Brand Power
Hiren Bhatt
"I Rock!"
Job Title: CEO & Director
Company/School: Techsters
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Expertise: Business/Strategic Management
About Hiren
Results always matter approach – Fiercely competitive, and passionate about Digital Marketing career. 15+ years of experience as a Digital Marketing strategist and a technology evangelist coupled with exemplary leadership and communication skills that have produced top performing teams, large revenues gains, strong margins and growing portfolio of satisfied clients. Seasoned digital strategist and, leader with a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate challenges. But my actual experience has taught that me that my professional values boil down to the following: ► A multi-linguist of technology driven business. I speak fluent geek, digital marketing, and sales ► Have big ideas – lots of people have big ideas, EXECUTION is what it matters and I believe in execution. ► If my right and left brain were hands – I am ambidextrous As a Vice President, the focus is to develop and maintain highly cooperative, competitive and energetic culture. My passion is to out think, out strategize, out close my competition with proven inspiring organizational adoption of digital marketing strategies, managing operational execution, advertising revenue, Securing repeat business, Structuring commercial transactions generating New business opportunities and achieving objectives. Have a track record of working with different companies and business houses to create market for innovative technology offerings and thoughtfully scaling the organization to address the market demands. Specialities: ► Advising new businesses ► Creative digital marketing campaigns ► Search engine marketing (SEM) ► Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ► Sales Strategy development and planning ► eCommerce/On-line web site traffic growth ► Internet marketing including business plan ► Traffic and Lead Generation ► Business development & Business structures ► Digital strategies & analytic ► Content Expertise ► Communications ► Social Media