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David Petrovay
"Anchoring and Nurturing you on your career path"
Job Title: Career Coach
Company/School: David Petrovay Associates
Location: Redwood City, California, United States
About David

I help people figure out what they are here to do in life and then DO it.  I have over fifteen years' experience in the area of career coaching assisting clients in identifying their life's work. My clients' needs can be summarized as fitting into one of the following categories: Exploration, Enhancement, and Enrichment. Exploration covers the possibilities for the next position you would hold. Enhancement focuses on having the skills needed to secure that position including networking, interviewing, and training. Enrichment applies to clients who are currently working in a job they function well in and are interested in broadening their opportunities in the workplace.

I find that clients in the Exploration phase are looking for ways to find a deeper satisfaction in what they do in life.  I often hear stories of not feeling challenged, not utilizing their skills and talents, and not seeing much opportunity to grow professionally. Many of them have faced recent layoffs and need time to work through this loss before moving forward. My degree in Counseling is helpful in dealing with making the transition to a new chapter in their lives.  As new options are identified, there is a new sense of hope and direction for the next position they pursue. 

Clients who have identified what occupations and positions are right for them are ready to take the next step in the Enhancement phase. They fine tune their skills to research potential employers, revise their resumes, and prepare to interview. This phase may also include considering the many types of training available related to their work and what would be the best model for their needs.

For those clients who are currently employed in a satisfying position, they find value in concentrating on the Enrichment phase.  This includes tracking accomplishments, seeking opportunities for advancement in the company, and identifying ways to contribute to the growth of the employer. It may also involve planning for a future job change of their own making.

David Petrovay Associates
May 2009 - On Going
Redwood City, California, United States
Job Title: career counselor
Work Type: Private-Practice
Industry: Consultancy
Work Phone: 6504007461
career counselor
May 2009 - On Going
Develop and present seminars related to personal and professional growth
Support and encourage clients/ individuals as they move through various stages of change to achieve their goals across a number of settings.
Provide career counseling and coaching services to individual clients
David has associated this Work History with :
Career OneStop sponsored by the U.S. Department of
Connect Center
Sep 2007 - May 2009
Sunnyvale, California, United States
Job Title: Career Advisor
Work Type: Part-Time
Industry: Consultancy
Work Phone: 4087742365
Career Advisor
Sep 2007 - May 2009
Helped clients explore options related to career changes and work/life balance
Provided employment ounseling in the areas of completion of work applications, networking
Provided employment counseling in the areas of resume writing, interview preparation, informational interviewing.
Project Hired
May 2006 - Oct 2006
San Jose, California, United States
Job Title: Employment Specialist
Work Type: Full-Time
Industry: Consultancy
Employment Specialist
May 2006 - Oct 2006
Assist each client to obtain accommodations as required for an effective job search
Maintain complete, accurate, and up-to-date case files
Facilitate workshops on work search strategies and related employment topics
Coach and support clients in effective job search strategies
Establish realistic individual employment goals with each assigned client
University of Arizona
Aug 1991 - May 2008
High School or Equivalent
David has associated this Education with :
Pi Lambda Theta Honor and Professional Association
Special Education
Counseling and Guidance
University of Arizona
Aug 1983 - May 1986
High School or Equivalent
Special Education
University of Pittsburgh
Aug 1970 - May 1971
High School or Equivalent
David has associated this Education with :
Education of the Blind and Visually Impaired
Work Skills
Resume Writing
Career Counseling
Job Search Strategies
Career Development
Leadership Development
Staff Development
Community Outreach
Job Coaching
Interview Preparation
Workshop Facilitation
Higher Education
Career Management
Cover Letters
Program Development
Student Development
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Soft Skills
Public Speaking
Personal Development
Conflict Resolution
Career OneStop sponsored by the U.S. Department of
Aug 2013 - On Going
Minnesota, California, United States
CareerOneStop is sponsored by the U.S.  Department of Labor. Volunteers to this group have extensive professional knowledge and expertise in workforce and career development. They  are active CareerOneStop and mySkills myFuture users (i.e., career counselors, One-Stop Center counselors, human resource professionals, and high school and college counselors working with students, etc.) They reflect a diverse community of workforce and career development professionals and user communities including:  professionals working in public, private, educational, non-profit, and community-based setting, geographic diversity, including urban and rural communities, professionals with diverse economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, and professionals serving diverse communities.
David has associated this Project with :
David Petrovay Associates
Career Development Facilitator (CDF)
Jun 2012
This title designates individuals working in a variety of career development settings. A Career Development Facilitator may serve as a career group facilitator, job search trainer, career resource center coordinator, career coach, career development case manager, intake interviewer, occupational and labor market information resource person, human resource career development coordinator, employment/placement specialist, or workforce development staff person.
MBTI® certified in Steps I and II
Aug 2011
The MBTI instrument is an assessment tool requiring specific qualifications to administer it to others. Practitioner must be trained in use and interpretation of the instrument either through previous academic study or by taking courses designed specifically to meet certification guidelines. In addition to ensuring the ethical and accurate use of the Indicator, such training also provides the practitioner with methods and knowledge for assisting clients in understanding results and for using that information in various aspects of client's life
Special Education
May 2008

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Pi Lambda Theta Honor and Professional Association
May 2008
Founded in 1910, Pi Lambda Theta (PLT) is one of the most prestigious education honor societies. PLT is part of the PDK International family of education associations and is governed by the PDK International Board of Directors.
Margaret Bluhm Award
Apr 1992
Assn for Edu &Rehab of Blind & Visually Impaired
Arizona Chapter Worker of the Year Award
Outstanding Counseling Program
Sep 1990
Arizona Counselors Association
Annual award for outstanding counseling program in Arizona
National Career Development Association
Jun 2012 - Dec 2014
Location: Broken Arrow, United States, Oklahoma
Type: Professional
California Career Development Association
Nov 2006 - On Going
Location: Sacramento, United States, California
Chapter: Silicon Valley
Type: Professional
Bay Area Association for Psychological Types
Jul 2006 - On Going
Location: Bay Area
Chapter: Bay Area
Type: Active