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Bonny Benny
"'Determination with a smile and a heart' (MBA) "
Job Title: Student
Company/School: Symbiosis Institute of International Business
Location: Pune,
Expertise: MBA Energy and Environment
About Bonny

Happy happy!! thats wat i am like 98% of the time.. with that wicked smile always. ;) well hmm considers family and friends very high on the priority list trust is the highest.. once u become my friend will always remian as my friend no matter wat... (atleast most of the cases :P) Not the type of guy who have temper issues but when i do get temper well you might as well remember that for a very long time.. loves football more than anything in the world!! its the single real passion i have among many other things.. loves to hang out with friends.. partying out,... fooling around... eating out... i dunno am comfy with evrything except smoking i guess :D well that's it. i guess :P