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Augustus Emenogu
Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Advisor
Company/School: Mott MacDonald
Location: Nigeria,
Expertise: Monitoring and Evaluation, Research and Program Design, Data Collection and Survey Assessments, Food Security and Livelihoods, Urban Planning, Knowledge Management, Environmental Management
About Augustus
Versatile M&E practitioner with developed competence in evidence based programs & assessment studies. Considerable experience in M&E, technical expertise in data management, survey design and implementation of community level programs; mapping and quality assurance assessment i.e. outlining SOPs, building technical capacity of state level actors, research & data collection plans for Randomized Control Trials. A focus on research and education, knowledge management, FSL, mentoring & coaching, cash transfer programming & capacity development. Proficient in Excel/SPSS, Mobile FS, Magpi,Mapbox,CAT,Tangerine, ArcGIS for data collection e.g. database template for community mapping/ household surveys; conducted review of master plan & socio-economic surveys, mid-term assessment (i.e. Commonwealth Secretariat's Plan of Action 2005-2015 on Gender Equality across 15 African Countries); public procurement reporting (World Bank); developed quality assurance tools working on projects from multiple implementation partners i.e. USAID, ECHO, UNDP, UNMC, CTFK, Ford Foundation etc. FSL professional with experience conducting HEA Baseline assessment of livelihood zones in Northern Nigeria (DFID Sahel Project); implementing conditional cash transfer (DFID CDGP); WASH & Nutrition programs (DFID WINNN) for developing FSL strategy Urban Planner with experience reviewing master plans, designing residential layouts & new town designs, including the conduct of socioeconomic surveys, land use planning, development control to enforce regulatory compliance. Environmental Manager, conduct Environmental Audits, EIAs, climate change vulnerability assessments, environmental policies & Improvement plans, EMS for ISO14001. Social entrepreneur, interested in innovative approaches and designing targeted intervention programs that address development challenges by leveraging my adaptive skills; with a strong interest in mentoring, continuous learning, economic empowerment & livelihoods.
InspirEngage International
Apr 2015 - On Going
Job Title: International Mentor
Work Type: Volunteer
International Mentor
Apr 2015 - On Going
RTI International
Apr 2015 - On Going
Job Title: Project Learning Champion (PLC)
Work Type: Volunteer
Project Learning Champion (PLC)
Apr 2015 - On Going
Augustus has associated this Work History with :
Monitoring and Evaluation, Questionnaire Design, Data Collection and Surveys
Mott MacDonald
Mar 2014 - On Going
Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Advisor
Work Type: Full-Time
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Advisor
Mar 2014 - On Going
M&E Advisor for USAID Nigeria Reading and Access Research Activity (RARA) with RTI; I provide guidance, leadership and directly support Abuja & state
Augustus has associated this Work History with :
Monitoring and Evaluation, Questionnaire Design, Data Collection and Surveys
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Masters of Science (MSc)
Coventry University, United Kingdom
Jan 2011 - Dec 2012
High School or Equivalent
Augustus has associated this Education with :
Food Security and Livelihoods, Questionnaire Design, Data Collection and Surveys
Bachelor of Technology (BTECH)
Federal University of Technology, Minna
Feb 2003 - Nov 2008
Urban and Regional Planning
Augustus has associated this Education with :
Questionnaire Design, Data Collection and Surveys
Work Skills
Qualitative Research
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Management Systems
Environmental Auditing
Urban Design and Planning
ENVI & ERDAS Imagine
Emergency Market Mapping & Analysis (EMMA)
Rapid Assessment for Markets (RAM)
Cash Based Interventions (CBI)
Household Economic Analysis (HEA)
Water Sanitation and Hygience (WASH)
Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA)
Data Assessment
Public Policy
Randomized Control Trials
Environmental Awareness
ISO14001 Certification
Household Surveys
Volunteer Management
Sustainable Development
Non-Profit Management
Environmental Policy
Community Development
Corporate Social Responsibility
Project Coordination
Report Writing
Performance Management
Data Collection
Technical Assistance
Civil Society
Quality Assurance
Monitoring and Evaluation
Capacity Development
Food Security
Research Design
Quantitative Research
Impact Assessment
Survey Design
Spatial Analysis
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Buncefield Comparative Post- Impact Disaster Assessment Report
Apr 2015 - On Going
This report presents a comparative assessment of the 2005 Buncefield depot explosion, Hermel, Hempstead, United Kingdom and the 2011 Warri Refinery Petrochemical Company (WRPC), Warri, Delta State Nigeria. The outcome of which, revealed basic similarities in the strategic importance of each oil installation depot when contrasting the medium and long term disaster impacts of each case study. In this regard, notable differences were also identified in the adoption of respective disaster management responses as well as the resultant impacts on the Post Disaster Environment (PDE).
Furthermore, this report offers additional Disaster Mitigation Measures (DMM) as well as preparedness strategies for adoption by both public and private organizations in the likelihood of a reoccurrence of a Buncefield-like disaster. This was achieved through the careful consideration of numerous investigative reports, academic research articles and relevant case studies. Also, a closer look at the different dimensions of Disaster Impact Vulnerability (DIV) highlighted a significant difference in the extent of Post Disaster Recovery (PDR) achieved in Least Developed Countries (LDC) and More Economically Developed Countries (MEDC).
Finally, additional information and supporting material were included to justify the selection of respective Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) strategies to provide an effective response to specified oil related incidents.
Acme Metal Treatment Company Environmental Audit Report
Apr 2015 - On Going
This report demonstrates the need for and use of an Environmental Audit for improving the
legislative compliance and environmental performance of Acme Metal Treatment Company. The
aim of this report is to outline a procedure for preparing, conducting and reporting the findings of
an environmental audit. The report also describes the basic requirements placed on an
environmental auditor, with particular reference to implementing ISO14001.
This was achieved by identifying areas of Acme’s manufacturing operation that currently lead to
non-compliance, future liability, waste of raw materials, release of pollutants, unnecessary
expenditure and poor environmental performance (i.e. Input – Output Analysis, SWOT Analysis
PEST, Product Analysis and Environmental Risk Assessment). This analytical framework
formed the structure for reviewing the operational efficiency and environmental performance of
Acme Metal Treatment Company. In addition, an important outcome of this report is the
formulation of an Environmental Action Plan that highlights key Compliance Action Points that
address identified non-compliance issues.
Furthermore, the report offers some insight into integrating management systems and planning
for continual improvements for Acme Metal Treatment Company. In addition, the report draws
from the use of relevant environmental audit case studies to properly articulate and introduce a
set of appropriate environmental and legal compliance guidelines. Finally, the report concludes
by recommending pertinent pollution prevention/ control and cost saving measures to mitigate
potential environmental risks of operational inefficiencies i.e. Compliance Action Points (CAP).
Climate Change Governance Paper: An Alternative Approach to Mainstreaming Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation Policies in Nigeria
Apr 2015 - On Going
The aim of this document is to review the risks posed by climate change in order to put forward a robust governance framework that sets ambitious and legally binding emission reduction targets.  Thus, this realization provided the intervention rationale to recommend embedding sustainable development considerations within a Holistic Governance Framework (HGF).
Furthermore, within the context of achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) the policy document also offers a multi-disciplinary review of the impact of unchecked Climate Change on the socio-economic development of Nigeria. The proposed policy document also appraises current scientific, technological, economic and social data on the prevailing policy intervention gaps in Nigeria’s CCGR. For this reason, particular emphasis is being placed on propagating a shift to and adoption of low GHG emission reduction strategies. In other words, this document offers an innovative approach to transiting to a low based economy by managing and proactively responding to Climate Change Challenges (CCC) in Nigeria

Finally, the policy document addresses notable funding restrictions on identified and proposed Climate Change Adaptation Mitigation (CCAM) policies in an attempt to effectively integrate sustainability into proposed governance strategies. Additional focus is being placed on a variety of policy options as well as technological innovation and transfer by effectively engaging the private sector to sustain priority action on Climate Change Adaptation Delivery (CCAD). Therefore,  the  document  lays  out  a  sound  policy  framework  that  identifies  and  assists  in financing notable adaptation measures (i.e. policy responses) to tackle the increasing challenges of Dangerous Climate Change (DCC) in Nigeria.
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Food Security and Livelihoods
Feb 2014
Also conducted quantitative and qualitative analysis for community level assessments (e.g. KAP surveys, develop WASH and FSL strategy for cash transfer programs). •	As the National FSL Officer for the Nigerian Mission (i.e. directly assisting the FSL Coordinator) I prepared technical reports to provide contextual updates and overview of program activities across different program portfolios at Abuja Headquarters and State bases e.g. acted as the FSL Coordinator for a three weeks period. 
Monitoring and Evaluation
Feb 2010
Versatile M&E developed competence in evidence based programs, knowledge management and evaluation assessment studies. Considerable experience in monitoring and evaluation, technical expertise in data management, community health programs, survey design and implementation, mapping and quality assurance assessment i.e. establishing Standard of Procedures (SOP) as well as  developing research and data collection plans for Randomized Control Trials (RCT). 
Questionnaire Design, Data Collection and Surveys
Feb 2010
•	Development of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) frameworks and reporting tools, research plans and data collection plans, theory of change for conducting Randomized Control Trials (RCT) and test research hypothesis. Design of data collection tools and development of survey questionnaires, setting up Standards of Procedures (SOP), conduct data quality assurance, impact and performance evaluations; managing project work plans, updating checklists and reporting tools to conduct data quality audits to strengthen quality assurance systems. 
Certificate of Appreciation (Champion for Children)
Apr 2015
Save the Children

Certificate of Appreciation (Loyal Supporter)
Apr 2015
Save the Children