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Atmadeep Bhattacharya
"I take pride to secure a life and the family."
Job Title: Life Insurance Adviser
Company/School: I work in Life Insurance Corporation of India
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Expertise: Savings Planning, Investment Planning and Financial Tools related to Savings and Investments
About Atmadeep

I help people to solve thier financial problem as per their financial related to time and ascpect. Provide a complete financial Savings and Investment solution as per the financial capability and need through Life Insurance and other Savings Tools. A proper financial planning helps to grow in life systematically and helps others to servive peacefully in the shades of the big Banyon Tree. We choose best school for our children, best hospital for our treatment, best doctor for check ups, best place for holidays, everything best for our needs as per our financial capacity then why think twice to choose the best financial solution and best Life Insurance company for our family and for self. Life Insurance does not takes your money, it gives your money back when you really need that or your family needs that. A person is nothing to the world but but he is the whole world for his family. Think twice before you choose a savings or investment plan..