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Anitha Vasudevan
"An experienced business analyst"
Job Title: Sr Business Analyst
Company/School: Zensar Technologies
Location: Sydney Australia,
Expertise: Business/Strategic Management
About Anitha
I love data. All types of data -- big, small, structured, unstructured. I love to find co-relation between data and business value & outcome. I have (pretty much unknowingly) been working on all kinds of organizational data & information through projects related to Analytics, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Portal & Intranets and have come to realise how all these entities fit together into a single ecosystem that has the potential to bring tremendous quantifiable business value. I have been lucky to be in small & large and complex projects where I had to : 1. Understand what type of data/ information was important to the business (customer information, business information etc) 2. Create and Store this data or information (about expertise, customers etc) 3. Work with Communities and business groups to create knowledge assets (developing explicit and tacit expertise) 4. Perform business, process and systems analysis to understand existing gaps (Studying as-is state). 5. Connect structured/ unstructured data into what the business wants to do. (Combining social data and organizational data to draw insights) 6. Use Business Intelligence tools to draw meaningful insights (How is Knowledge Management (big data) impacting the organization) 7. Turn insights into quantifiable business value (IBM, Wipro, Zensar) Yes, these were all separate projects I was involved in during the past 11 years but the knowledge and exposure I gained out of "connecting the dots" is huge! It is all a part of one big goal which organizations are grasping to understand because they treat each entity as a silo. With experience, I have learnt that it is all about knowing how you can use organizational data to derive business outcomes and value. I have a keen interest in predictive analytics and have been spending time on updating myself in it.