Brand Power
"Natural leader - Harmonizer"
Job Title: SAP Financial consultant trainee
Company/School: SAP
Location: Morocco,
Expertise: Accounting/Finance/Insurance
About Anas
I'm an intense, results-oriented, self-starter, tempered and disciplined by my concern for the accuracy and quality of my work. My approach to anything I do or responsible for will be carefully thought-out, based on thorough analysis and detailed knowledge of all pertinent facts. Strongly technically-oriented, I have confidence in my professional knowledge and ability to get things done quickly and correctly. With experience, I will develop a high level of expertise in my work and will be very aware of mistakes made either by myself or anybody doing work under my supervision. I take work and responsibilities very seriously and expects others to do the same. In social matters, I'm reserved and private, with little interest in small talk. My full interest and energy will be focused primarily on my work, and in general I'm more comfortable and open in the work environment than in purely social situations. Imaginative and venturesome, I'm a creative person, capable of developing new ideas, systems, plans or technology, or of analyzing and improving old ones. I rely primarily on my own knowledge and thinking, with little reference to others, to get things done.