Brand Power
Amber Schooley
"I deliver conscientious communication"
Job Title: Clinical Research Associate (intern)
Company/School: CLINPROXY
Location: Diamond Bar, California, United States
Expertise: Biotech/R&D/Science
About Amber

My whole life has been medical experience. As a child, my family members had food allergies, and my brother has severe autism. Much of my time in childhood exposed me to the necessity of special accommodations or medication necessary for the treatment of conditions. Other conditions included migraines and epilepsy, in which the lack of medications made people unable to function. With the use of prescription medications, people were able to be productive in the world. As an adult, my dog and several of my family's dogs died of cancer. My dog went through chemotherapy, and I saw the systemic side effects. I would love to take part in making new drugs that could improve the time when a person or animal is treated for cancer. I have also had patient experience during my time as a hospice volunteer. I have worked with patients with conditions ranging from cancer to heart disease, to neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease. The cancer patient I visited was only 30 years old--not much older than I was. This even more greatly instilled the desire to assist in finding more effective or well-targeted treatments, and treatment for those that currently have no cure. As a patient care volunteer, I regularly visit patients, with the activities or topics of conversations being entirely up to the patient. I edit everything--even reading a novel or a textbook, I notice any typographical errors. If there is an error in grammar, or something does not make sense, it grabs my attention, even when it is something that anyone else misses. Thus, the monitoring of data is right up my alley. In addition, my teaching experience required monitoring of students' data collection and analysis. My graduate research studied targeting of specific proteins. The targeted medications is very appealing to me, and I would love to take part in the discovery.