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Althaf Mohammed
"$ Family is the real wealth $"
Job Title: Test Center Manager at Pearson VUE
Company/School: Pearson VUE
Location: Qatar,
Expertise: Management & Software Engineer
About Althaf
I started my career as Test Center Manager. My daily tasks are of 60% Test Administrator responsibilities and 40% of daily tasks are Test Center Manager responsibilities. But I have a strong command on software background in Java, .NET, & Android. I have just returned from a two-year stint in India where I functioned as an administrator for an Online Exams Software. Among other tasks, I installed Pearson VUE Software’s and established a center in Doha Qatar. I earned a reputation among my clients for ensuring quality test center environment, and I would be happy to supply a list of client references. I have always admired the success of Software Engineer, particularly in Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Oracle, where I find the new challenges and rewards. I would very much enjoy discussing the possibility of our working together. Am also interested in freelancing,marketing& HR Field..