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Alpesh Ajmera
"Real Estate "
Job Title: CEO
Company/School: Mumbai University
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Expertise: Banking/Real Estate/Mortgage Professionals
About Alpesh
A passionate leader with best-in-class negotiation skills backed with a long track record of successful management. His 25 long years of experience with extensive knowledge of all current economic, social, legal and regulatory issues has shaped him into an inspirational and a motivational leader with unequaled interpersonal skills and the ability and passion to develop the vision of the company. He is able to push performance involvement while at the same time deliver growth. Possessing vast managerial directorship, intensive knowledge in all fields and vast experience as a CSO, he will always ensure that clear objectives and expectations are delivered and maintained.
Ajmera Group Of Companies
Jan 1991 - On Going
Job Title: Chief Strategic Officer
Work Type: Full-Time
Chief Strategic Officer
Jan 1991 - On Going
Setting up an organization’s culture is not an overnight process, but a continuous one that takes years of discipline, training and co-ordination betw