Brand Power
Manoj Gupta
" |Executive ~ Visionary ~ Creator ~ Humanist |"
Job Title: CEO / Founder
Company/School: RockON
Location: San Ramon, California, United States
Expertise: Business/Strategic Management
About Manoj
Manoj Gupta is an expert in building successful companies. He has a unique ability to create, comprehend, and communicate technical issues while demonstrating the highest level of business acumen. Drawing from more than 20 years of experience, he’s led global corporations and revolutionized businesses by providing innovative technology delivery solutions. All this has led him to his latest venture RockON. provides individuals with personal branding tools to proactively develop, manage, and market themselves. Furthermore, access to real mentors and life coaches will be available to assist in pinpointing goals. also provides enterprise management, access to human capital and tools that support employment advancement. Each user will achieve a unique Brand Power based on their personal capital. “Brand Power will set the standard for quantifying one’s personal brand. It’s immediately recognizable and can potentially become as familiar as other rating systems to which we commonly refer.” Prior to RockON, Manoj served as COO of Tescra. Tescra’s diverse workforce inspired Manoj to manage inclusively. “Creatively nurture and foster advancement for talented people that might otherwise be overlooked.” The notion of inclusion served him well in orchestrating Tescra’s consulting services, technology solutions, building and implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP), and support services for clients such as United Airlines, Virgin mobile, TNT Logistics, T-Mobile, Adidas. Under Manoj’s leadership, Tescra was recognized in Inc. magazine’s 2008 issue, as one of the 500 fastest growing private companies worldwide. In 1986, Manoj earned a Master’s in Mathematics from Delhi University. To fulfil his personal goal of creative expression he also sought a degree from NYU’s Film School. He has since created films that speak to his spiritual commitment, Yoga, Mt. Everest travels, and his family. Manoj Gupta resides in San Ramon, California.